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Get Access Get Access. Author links open overlay panel Jacques Defourny a Marthe Nyssens b. Abstract Over the last 15 years, the concept of social enterprise has been raising an increasing interest in various regions of the world.

Keywords Social enterprise. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. This indicates that for The Clink, there has been a 41 per cent reduction in the likelihood of reoffending for those participating in the programme. Within commissioning, there are some glimmers of hope.

The rise in popularity of social entrepreneurship

This is supporting charities and social enterprises to deliver contracts that are often preventative across homelessness, children and families, drugs and alcohol, health and adult social care, employment and criminal justice. Cities such as Sheffield are also looking at creating social impact bonds of a magnitude not seen before in the UK.

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  • Social Enterprise: At the Crossroads of Market, Public Policies and Civil Society.
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  • Somerset County Council has formed a joint venture, Discovery, with the social enterprise Dimensions. It supports people in services including long-term residential care, supported living, home care, crisis support and employment support. However, these kinds of contracts are often the exception rather than the norm. The contracting of public services would be so much more impactful if commissioners acted differently.

    But, to take full advantage of this, commissioning must be bolder. What can probation workers do for someone in prison who wants to move to a life free from crime? How can adult social care ensure that the elderly have lives of meaning and purpose?


    So what should local and national governments do to take advantage of the outstanding practices of some of our best charities and social enterprises? Here are five suggestions:. Large insurance companies are also exploring how they can underwrite contracts for charities and social enterprises with small balance sheets.

    The collapse of Carillion demonstrates the problem with large, private, share value focussed companies being awarded public contracts procured at the cheapest price. Social enterprises offer a different model, where profits are reinvested and interests are aligned in pursuit of public benefit.

    Social enterprise in Europe: At the crossroads of market, public policies and third sector

    Commissioning is at a crossroads and now is the time for social enterprises and charities to showcase what they can deliver. Skip to content. Previous Story. Next Story. Newsletter Our newsletter is now discontinued. Sign Up.