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How standing upright it will be most expedient for him to set forward his left foot and shoulder that he may rest the Target against his body and that in a free and no enforced posture.

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How in sheathing his sword with the right hand he must beare the Buckler backeward on his body that he may do it without any impediment. How when he shall draw his arme from out the braces of his Buckler he shall hold the Buckler firme with his right hand. How when he removes againe the Buckler to his backe, it must be done with his left arme as appeareth in the figure. Here also is represented a Ran[ First in the exercise and use of the Target is showne how the Soldier shall assume his due posture, his Target hanging at his backe, attending further Command from his Captaine. How with greatest conveniency he may readily present the Target from his back before his body, that is retyring his left legge and shaking his left shoulder he causeth the Target to slippe forward.

How in holding againe his Target against his body and left shoulder, he must put his sword between his Target and forenamed shoulder attending in this posture further command.

How to gard himselfe well, he must hold his Target before him against his left knee and shoulder firme to beare of the shocke or downe right blow and on the right hippe susteine himselfe with the hilt of the sword, till he may use it. Comme il se monstre par devant, afin de representer tant mieux, combien peu son Ennemy le peut endommager. How he shall draw his hand out of the Brases of the Target, holding it fast with his right hand as is showne in the third Posture.

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Here is also showne how close the soldier must keepe his Ranke when he is commanded to gard or cover himselfe. For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the discussion page. You are not currently logged in. Are you accessing the unsecure http portal? Click here to switch to the secure portal.

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Jump to: navigation , search. Preface and Introduction. Ex Officina Arnoldi Meuris. Dit hurt gegen hurte dringet. Ausonius: Tergora dic clypeis accommoda quid faciat? Pike and shield drill. Remettez vos Picques en terre. Le premier temps. Retirez vostre bras hors des courroyes de vostre Rondelle. Comme se tenant debout avec sa Rondelle sur le dos, il attendra autre commandement. Sword and shield drill. Copyright and License Summary. Work Author s Source License Images.

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This page was last modified on 3 January , at Privacy policy About Wiktenauer Copyright and licensing information. Painter Engraver. Drill manual. Michael Chidester.

ANNO S. Order yo r. Le Soldat portant la Rondelle. Portez vos Picques en bihaie. Shoulder your Pike. The 1. The 2. Le second temps. The third Motion. Le troisiesme temps. Pike How in Marching he must carry his Buckler gracefully and keepe it neere to his Pike and to do that he must change the posture of his left foot and shakiny his left shoulder, bring the Buckler forward. Apprestez vostre Rondelle pour la Picque.

Present yo r Pike. Motion How he shall Port or charge his Pike at three severall motions, and in the first he shall take the Pike forward with the left hand standing upright, the better to cast over the Pike. Motion How if he will charge he shall hold it well in the Right hand, his arme being strecht out, setting his left elbowe fast against his hippe.

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Motion How he shall set downe the Pike at three motions and in the first he shall put downe the but and with his right hand, the easier to raise the point of the same. Motion How in the second he shall take the Pike as farre as he can easily reach with the right hand above the left bringing it downeward. Trayle yo r. Portez vos Picques trainantes. How How thus trayling he must hold the Pike neare to the Point right against his girdle stead resting his hand on his hippe, as in the figure appeareth. Laissez tomber vostre Picque enterre.

Draw yo r.

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Present yo r Sword. Put yo r sword between your Buckler and left shoulder. Couvre vous. A second garding Posture. Releeve your selfe. Redressez vous. Put up yo r. Put yo r. Simone de Colle, Yves Fassin, R. Sergiy Dmytriyev, R. About this book Introduction This book offers a case-study approach to stakeholder theory that moves beyond theoretical analysis to the applied. As stakeholder theory has moved into the mainstream of management thinking in business ethics and a number of the management disciplines, there is an increasing need to explore the subtleties of stakeholder engagement via examples from practice.

The case studies in this volume explore a number of aspects of the idea of stakeholder engagement, via the method of clinical case studies. Edited by leading scholars in the field of business ethics and stakeholder theory, this text affords a solid grounding in theory, brought to new levels of applied understanding of stakeholder engagement.

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