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He wants us all to live without fear. In the Kingdom of God, fear does not exist.

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Instead, we find love, power and a sound mind with clear thinking. It enters our lives in so many different ways and affects every single person differently. Fear hides , however, its effects on our bodies and souls leave lasting impressions. And so, this convergence of hearing messages all over the place of living fearlessly is something that I took to heart. Using my formula, I would say it should look like this:.

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Firstly, consider what captures your attention. Where does your focus lie? Who and what garners your time and energy?

Where your heart lies, there your treasure will also be. Protect that treasure. Secondly, become more aware of what your body and emotions are telling you. Your body is an accurate reflection of what is going on inside of you. Cultivate awareness and listen to the tell-tale signs. Thirdly, know what the Scriptures say about fear.

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Where does fear originate? Peace and fear cannot coexist. Why do some succeed faster than others? Why do some get stuck in their careers? It may sound simple, but leaving that lasting impression takes a strategic approach. Recently, at a leadership program in San Francisco, I witnessed the opposite—and it was so refreshing.

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Several groups of leaders from across the company were asked to present their recommendations based on a real-life customer problem. Naturally, seven of the eight teams gravitated toward sending the best sales or marketing leader on their teams to deliver their recommendations. But not one team. Instead, they sent the least obvious pick—an engineering leader. Some of his feedback was extremely revealing, but it was accepted very well because it was unfiltered.

He came across as a creative problem solver with a sense of humor, and, needless to say, that presentation was the one that everyone remembered because it was authentic and brilliant. In an email he drafted in June , he contemplated biological attacks and targeting food supplies, according to court filings. BLM protests or other left crap would be ideal to incite to violence. In another letter drafted months later to an American neo-Nazi leader, Hasson called for a "white homeland". He sent the letter to himself nearly two months after the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where torch-carrying white-supremacists clashed with anti-racist protesters.

White nationalist demonstrators clash with counter demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August Credit: AP. However you can make change with a little focused violence. Hasson's commitment to destruction appeared to increase in recent weeks, according to details from prosecutors. He created a list of "traitors" and targets on January 19 in a spreadsheet on his work computer, they said, which was created two days after he conducted a series of internet inquiries:.

The arrest marks the second time that the Coast Guard has responded to an incident involving alleged white supremacy in recent months.

Making First and Lasting Impressions

In September, the service reprimanded a worker who flashed what some people identified as a white-supremacy sign in the background of a televised interview with another officer during the response to Hurricane Florence.