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Maria Alvarez , King's College London. It does not disappoint" - Constantine Sandis, Times Literary Supplement "Alvarez's bright and breezy book is about action, reasons, motivation and explanation Also of Interest.

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Reasons from Within Alan H. Personal Agency E. Self-Constitution Christine M. Moral Brains S.

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Matthew Liao. Self-Knowledge Ursula Renz.

Nor should it be confused with Activity Theory. Basic action theory typically describes action as behavior caused by an agent in a particular situation.

Donald Herbert Davidson (1917—2003)

The agent's desires and beliefs e. In the simple theory see Donald Davidson , the desire and belief jointly cause the action. Michael Bratman has raised problems for such a view and argued that we should take the concept of intention as basic and not analyzable into beliefs and desires. In some theories a desire plus a belief about the means of satisfying that desire are always what is behind an action.

The Philosophy of Kreia: A Critical Examination of Star Wars

Agents aim, in acting, to maximize the satisfaction of their desires. Such a theory of prospective rationality underlies much of economics and other social sciences within the more sophisticated framework of rational choice. However, many theories of action argue that rationality extends far beyond calculating the best means to achieve one's ends.

Philosophy of Action: An Anthology

For instance, a belief that I ought to do X, in some theories, can directly cause me to do X without my having to want to do X i. Rationality, in such theories, also involves responding correctly to the reasons an agent perceives, not just acting on wants.

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  7. While action theorists generally employ the language of causality in their theories of what the nature of action is, the issue of what causal determination comes to has been central to controversies about the nature of free will. Conceptual discussions also revolve around a precise definition of action in philosophy. Scholars may disagree on which bodily movements fall under this category, e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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