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Jay Fields. Bill Wagner. Craig Larman. Corinne Hoisington. Steve Freeman. Scott Millett. Matt Neuberg. Quentin Charatan. Dusty Phillips. Lynn Beighley. Graham Hutton. Bjarne Stroustrup. Kathy Sierra. Jon Smith. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. In an age of boundless research, there is a need for a programming language that can successfully bridge the communication gap between a problem and its computing elements through the use of visual-ization for engineers and members of varying disciplines, such as biologists, medical doctors, mathematicians, economists, and politicians.

Refactoring Martin Fowler. Add to basket. Design Patterns Erich Gamma.

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Programming Rust Jim Blandy. Getting Started with Arduino Massimo Banzi. NET Core 3. Domain-Driven Design Eric Evans.

Salleh S., Zomaya A.Y., Bakar S.A. Computing for numerical methods using Visual C++

Introducing Python Bill Lubanovic. Mastering Regular Expressions Jeffrey E. Concurrency in C Cookbook Stephen Cleary. Think Java Allen B. Enterprise Integration Patterns Gregor Hohpe. Head First Python 2e Paul Barry. C and. Programming C 8. Refactoring to Patterns Joshua Kerievsky. Java 8 Lambdas Richard Warburton.

Learning Python Mark Lutz. Refactoring Jay Fields. Effective C Covers C 6. Java in Two Semesters Quentin Charatan. Programming in Haskell Graham Hutton. Programming iOS 13 Matt Neuberg. Language style and organization. Data types, variables. Loops and branches. Array, pointer, function, structure. Classes and objects. Inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation. Complexity analysis. MFC library. Fundamental interface tools.

Text displays. Graphics and images.

1. C++ Programming examples on “Solving Linear Equations”

Writing the first program. Chapter 3: Fundamental Mathematical Tools. Dynamic memory allocation. Allocation for one-dimensional arrays. Allocation for higher-dimensional arrays. Case Study: Matrix multiplication problem. Matrix elimination problems. Vector and matrix norms. Row operations. Matrix reduction to triangular form. Computing the determinant of a matrix. Computing the inverse of a matrix. Matrix algebra. Data passing between functions. Matrix addition and subtraction. Matrix multiplication. Matrix inverse.

Numerical Methods

Putting the pieces together. Algebra of complex numbers. Addition and subtraction. Inverse of a complex number.

Number Sorting. Programming Exercises. Chapter 4: System of Linear Equations. Systems of Linear Systems. Existence of Solutions. Elimination Techniques. Gauss Elimination Method. Gauss Elimination with Partial Pivoting. Gauss-Jordan Method. LU Factorization Techniques.

Computing for Numerical Methods Using Visual C++ -

Crout Method. Doolittle Method. Cholesky Method. Zomaya, Albert Y.

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