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Primary 2. Secondary F. Others Topic in Ecology 1. Biological Magnification 2. Feedback Loops G. Controversies in Ecology 1. Greenhouse Warming 2. Ozone Depletion 3. This course requires the submission of five on-line exams according to the deadline schedule for fall and spring semesters outlined in the next section.

The exams are multiple choice and matching, with 26 choices per question to reduce the probability of "lucky" guessing. The last exam Exam 5 is not comprehensive, it only covers the fifth unit of the course Ecology and Population Growth. Answers to the questions are obtained by reading the numerous articles available on Wayne's Word.

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Articles corresponding to each of the five exams are outlined in the schedule of reading assignments. Some students still feel they need a textbook, even though finding answers with Wayne's Word hyperlinks is easier and more efficient than searching through the index of a textbook. I must admit that some of the recent general biology textbooks contain numerous beautiful illustrations and have more detailed explanations than Wayne's Word. The book can be ordered on-line through amazon. Some of the textbook sources include bigwords.

Another excellent source for textbooks is the Distance Educator Book List. Due to delays in processing orders and shipping, it is often much faster to order the book on-line. It may also be cheaper. Answers to most of the exam questions can be found in selected Wayne's Word articles listed in the reading schedule.

You may also find answers using the Wayne's Word Index or Search. During the past few years, Wayne's Word has grown and evolved into a large biological encyclopedia containing literally hundreds of pages of articles, illustrations and color images. The recommended text provides a lot of information and illustrations in well-written chapters, and would definitely enhance the learning experience of an on-line course such a this.

Answers to many of the questions can be found in other general biology textbooks available in public libraries. In addition, a World Wide Web search may be very rewarding for some of the topics. An excellent search index that utilizes the top search engines is simplify.

The bottom line here is that you don't need to buy a textbook for this course unless you really want one. Everything you need for this course in on-line at the Wayne's Word website.

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All five exams are available in. They may be accessed on-line using specific URLs which will be provided to each student enrolled in the course. It is strongly recommended that the student print out each exam and write the correct letter choice by each question. The reading and research for each exam will take weeks.

Upon completion of an exam on the hard copy, the student will enter the correct letter choices for each question on the submission form for each exam also available in the exam directory. Exam 1. Mendelian Genetics and Immunology For this reason, students should make a note of any questions they are unsure of while they are taking each exam.

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Difficult or confusing questions can be discussed with the instructor see the section below about communication with the instructor. Another suggestion if you want to go over all the questions missed on an exam is to call and make an appointment with the instructor at Palomar College. This course utilizes two grade scales, a traditional grade scale based on percentages of the total points, and a grade scale based on percentages of the highest student. You will receive the higher of the two grade scales for your final grade in the course.

Grade scales based on the highest student are often used in difficult courses where students seldom come close to the maximum possible points, and the traditional grade scale is much too stringent with few or no A's. My grade scale based on the highest student generally has more C's. It also has more A's and B's if the total points of the highest student are considerably less than the total possible points; however, in on-line classes, students often come closer to the total possible points, and consequently there are more A's using the traditional grade scale.

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The two grade scales are shown below:. A grade lookup table will be available to see the total points and the points achieved by each student during the semester. How to interpret the grade spreadsheet is explained under the section about grade lookup below. At the end of a semester, I will compare each student's percentage based on the highest student with their percentage based on the total points traditional grade scale.

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If you do better with the traditional grade scale, I will utilize that scale for your final grade. For example, on the grade scale based on the highest student On the traditional grade scale Percentages are always rounded off to one decimal place; therefore, The successful completion of the on-line version of Biology involves a considerable amount of reading from the many articles on Wayne's Word.

A complete schedule of reading assignments corresponding with each of the five major exams is available below. You may also look up articles and topics in the Index by clicking on the Index tab at the top of each page. In addition, you may also search for words or groups of words by clicking on the gray Search tab. Depending on your modem speed, time of day and service provider, they may take several minutes to fully load on your browser unless you are lucky enough to have a T1 line, DSL or cable connection. For long articles such as these, it is recommended that you print out the article so you can refer to it off line.

The articles contain a lot of information that will be invaluable to the completion of the five on-line exams.

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You can also save the articles to your hard drive, but you will need all the images in the same directory folder in order to view them properly. For especially long articles, it might be better to just go and make a cup of coffee while the pages load on your computer. A Wayne's Word CD will be available to students officially enrolled in Biology ; however, since this site is constantly being revised, it is difficult to provide up-to-date CDs with the latest articles and images. More about this in section 11 below. To speed up the loading time of a page, you may also set your browser to display the pages without images.

Since image dimensions are included in the original html code, the text of most pages will appear in the proper spacial format. The assigned spaces for the images will appear as empty boxes. If you want to view the image, just right click on the empty box and click on Show Picture. As stated previously, the on-line version of Biology is a self-learning, electronic course in which the student is provided with guidelines and information. The requirements for successful completion of this course involve a considerable amount of reading followed by the submission of five objective on-line exams.

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This requires self motivation without procrastination. It is imperative to keep up with the schedule of submission dates for all five exams. There may be times when the student needs clarification of difficult concepts, or simply needs some guidance. The instructor can be reached by e-mail through a special address dedicated to this course.

In addition, the instructor will be available for office hours by appointment. The exact times and dates will be determined prior to registration, and will be given to all students who officially register for the course. Each of the five exams required for this course has a corresponding submission form that works like a machine-scored answer sheet. The five exams and five submission forms are located in a special subdirectory. The exams are available in. It is strongly recommended that each exam be printed out and the correct answers written on the hard copy before filling in the submission form.

When an exam is completed, simply transfer the correct letter choices to the submission form for that particular exam. You must click on the box for each choice before typing in a letter, then you can simply tab over to the next question.