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At a career crossroads?

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Hi Mark, Thank you for reading the article. As you correctly pointed out it is important for PhDs to start developing skills that will help them to be successful in careers outside of academia once they graduate. Hope you find success as a Market Research Analyst in the future. Thank you, Arunodoy. If you have done some research during pursuing PhD and you think that addresses current needs of society, then no career can be better than this one.

An enterprising internship today sets the stage for your career tomorrow.

Hello Dr. Reese, You have brought up a very valid point. I agree with you that entrepreneurship is something that more science PhDs should look into. Maybe after gaining a few years of corporate experience they are better prepared to be an entrepreneur. Product development and bringing it to market.

This is more feasible when a PhD is in industry not in academia. Hi Ibrahim, Thank you for reading the article.

Product Development can be indeed a very rewarding and fulfilling career. You are totally right about the current scenario of the academic system, they are teaching students that academic postdoc is the only option they have after the PhD.

IT Career Guide: Advice for IT Professionals

The university itself lacks information regarding non-academic career and industry. If one can work hard under the proper mentorship, he can surely achieve one of the best industry positions from the above list. Hello Nicola, Thank you for reading and commenting on my article. Hope it was helpful.

Career Switcher’s Guide to Your Dream Tech Job

You are right. It is true that those responsible for training graduate students are not doing enough to make students aware of alternative options or mentoring them for these roles. That is one of the reasons I started writing articles like these after graduating. Students need to realize that science PhDs can be successful in a variety or roles. Good luck with your career. Wow, another informative and too useful article by cheekyscientist. These are not just challenging and interesting jobs but also gives a good financial reward.

Thanks again.

Hi Joe, Glad you found the article helpful. Thank you reading it. These are just a few examples of alternative careers. There are even more options for science PhDs. You just have to identify the right career path for yourself and prepare for it. Every PhD and postdocs should read this article once. Some of them think that they only have an academic career path and it leads them to anxiety and depression. They go and try to find a well-paid industry job, but they failed.

So you said it right that everyone needs to gain deep knowledge of their field and industry so they can easily get a well-paid industry position. Great article by Mr. There are lots of opportunities out there which are more lucrative than an academic career. One would make a solid career in these fields than in an academic career. These are great alternatives to get rid of your mundane postdoc academic life. I would like to go in management consulting field. As my parents work for the management company, I have a reasonable background to join it and on the other side I also have much interest in this particular thing.

Great to know that it is growing market and have a good future ahead! Thanks for sharing such statistical details in a single article. Thank you very much for the great article. With this background you now have both scientific training and business knowledge. So you are on the right path. Good luck with your career, Arunodoy.

Why the Over-50 Crowd is Changing Careers

I want to do something new and innovative that can help industry and market. And I think product management is the best alternatives for me. SO can you please guide me which skills and technologies I need to learn prior to transform my career in product management. Thank you very much. Hello Pamela, It is good that you are thinking about and planning to follow an alternative career path well before completing your PhD. Product Management can be a good career path for those who can develop business skills, communication skills and ability to understand market demands. If you want you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

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